Every fruit hides a little history of this world.

For us, Greeks, the olive tree is being found at the beginning of our history. It is part of our traditions, of our worship and an integral part of our table as well!

But for my family, the olive is our identity. Our story. The olive tree, which over the centuries has brought us life, light, sweet dreams and hopes.

Because it was under its shade, where 2 centuries ago, my grandfather was born. It was the fields that he and his ancestors had been cultivating since he was a small child. It was the olive oil itself that nourished him and the land that he loved so much and respected that led him in 1929 to become one of the first and largest olive oil traders in Greece. Such was his love for the olive tree that he persistently traveled, from a small island in the North Aegean, throughout Europe to proudly share the golden treasure of his birthplace; his own olive oil. I still remember him telling us: “See this tree? If you respect it, it will always give you hope!”

He passed on the same love to his children. He also taught them to respect the olive tree. Because it was the oil from these trees that continued to nourish them and, after all, it was these lyrics of their mother, my grandmother who, a few years later, lullabied me rhythmically: «Απ’ την πηγή βγαίνει νερό κι από τσ’ ελιές το λάδι κι από το μαγουλάκι σου το ροδοκοκκινάδι.» [Water derives from the spring and from the olive trees, the oil, and from your little cheeks comes out this ruby red colour].

How can I not love olive oil? As a baby, my grandfather used to take me to see “how our land goes”! I still remember us sitting at the sacred root, watching the people in our work pick the olives and him admonishing me: “Every fruit hides a little history of this world. Olives are not just the trees, dear Kostakis. Olives are our story. If you do not keep them unspoiled, you are not worthy of their bounty.”

These were the words of our grandfather. This is our commitment.

And now, as we are getting older, we are passing this commitment to our children, the 4th generation of olive oil traders. What if the protagonists change? The values remain unaltered!

Aspilos Elaia is the promise, Aspilos Elaia is our olive oil.
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With dedication & consistency,

from our family to yours!

Three series of extra virgin olive oils with a strong identity; from Kalamata, Kolymvari – Crete and a mix of the finest ones throughout Greece.

KALAMATA PDO Mediterranean Cheese and Wine - ENJOY It's from Europe - PDO and PGI 

At the same ancient place in the Peloponnese, the famous Kalamata extra virgin olive oil is being produced with the most modern methods but with high respect to our tradition.

Available in 5lt tins and 1lt glass bottles.

KOLIMVARI PDO Mediterranean Cheese and Wine - ENJOY It's from Europe - PDO and PGI 

It is the wild peninsula of the island of Crete and the saltiness of the water of the Cretan Sea that make this extra virgin olive oil so special.

Available in 5lt tins and 1lt glass bottles.


We chose the finest olive oil varieties from all over Greece whilst finding the perfectly balanced taste! This, we bring to your plate!

Available in 5lt tins and 1lt glass bottles.


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